I don't understand how to change a nodes' icon to one beyond the default icon set

1,5 years ago, a mod made a comment where he provided some code that's supposed to show a node with a washing machine icon provided by icofont.com

Unfortunately, importing that code into my current node-red installation (running as a HA addon) didn't load said washing machine icon and I couldn't get it to work after some fiddling around either.

Can someone help me out with this?
Also, can't you somehow change an individual nodes' color from within the node-red UI?

Can you post the code of your node and a picture of what it currently looks like?

Where do you want to change the colour, in the editor or on a dashboard? Again a photo would be helpful.

Various icons are now "pre-loaded" so you just need to use the name in the associated icon label of the node (along with initial colours)


Changing the colours programmatically has been covered lots, even recently. You can search for the various ways in the forum.

If you are referring to a Tabs icon (in the dashboard) then the same use of icon name applies



There is a whole section in the dashboard readme node-red-dashboard (node) - Node-RED about icons available or loadable in the dashboard.

If you really mean a node and not the dashboard then no you can’t change its colour (unless it’s a sunflower) as that is a hint as to the actual type of node so is kept constant to aid “readability” of the flow.

I was referring to node icons and colors and failed to realize that your comment was about dashboard icons.
Didn't realize that there actually was a dashboard since I can't see one in my node-red HomeAssistant Addon.

And you can't just change a nodes' icon to one from icofront.com either?

For individual nodes then Node appearance : Node-RED
For an existing node you can change the icon in the appearance tab of the config panel

I had taken a look at that page before but as far as I understand, a nodes' color changes have to be made from somewhere within the node-red folder instead of from within the UI which I find impractical. Or do you perhaps know a mod or the like that allows the latter?

The same goes for icons and I don't know how to change those beyond the couple hundreds that are available by default in the UI.

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