Custom Nodes UI styling

Hey all,
I developed some nodes, and when user drag and drop in the workspace I want to make some changes to the DOM(Svg) of the dragged node. There is any kind of event that i can register to make such a feature?


Hi @jpinto

do you mean the appearance of the node in the workspace itself? That isn't something we support nodes doing - we don't provide any standard api for doing it.

Some nodes have taken it upon themselves to do some customisation that uses the internal structure which we completely reserve the right to change without notice as it isn't a published API. For example: node-red-contrib-image-tools (node) - Node-RED

That all said, I would like to see us produce some standardized way for customising a node's appearance beyond what can be done today with the established APIs (ie, colour and icon). But it isn't something we're actively working on today.

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