Custom UI node - client info to server

Hi folks,

Seems I'm suffering from severe brain damage, because I can't remember anymore how one of my older developments works: we had updated the dashboard audio node, to send the audio status ( playing, reset, error,empty ) from the client to the server (where it is being displayed as the node status).

However, suppose N users are running N dashboards simultaneously. In one of those dashboards the audio can still be playing, while in another dashboard the audio has already stopped. But there is only a single audio node in the flow, which is serving multiple dashboard instances. Am I correct that our solution only works correctly if a single dashboard is opened? Or am I missing something fundamental ...

Currently I am developing a camera viewer UI widget. When the user presses a 'stop' button, it has no use to keep on pushing images to the dashboard (since they won't be visualised anyway). So I wanted (somehow??) to send the 'stopped' status back to server, and the server-side part of my widget should ignore input messages (containing images) from then on. But there might be multiple dashboards available: one needs to receive the images, and the other one not.

Any suggestions how I could implement this? Do I have to register this somehow per session?

I haven't done it, but don't you get session id or something with each message from the dashboard?

Hey @colin,
That is correct, but:

  • I think I have seen somewhere session handling, but I think it was in the internal dashboard code and NOT in some template examples. So I'm not sure whether it is intended that node developers use this kind of stuff in their code. And if it is allowed, I have no clue at the moment how I should do it...
  • And even if I could implement it, there is only a single node in the flow. So I think I cannot show the dashboard playing status (from N dashboards) in the status text of a single node ...