Customizing charts with CSS.....or HTML

Hello everyone,

About 6am and i have been working on this all night so please excuse me if i am being too blunt as my brain is slowly shutting down at the same time as its about to explode.

I am new to Node-Red that i got up and running on my Pi, 2 days ago.

Things are going well since i got modbus working and i am getting my stats from my solar controller.

Now......i am using charts.

Where it gets tricky its that i would like to customize the charts, like change the color and font of the label.
After hours of reading, testing, etc.... i ended getting it to work...but not with CSS.

I managed to understand how to use CSS through the template node to format the text displayed in a text box, but i cant get it to work inline to change for example the color of the label field content (which shows a voltage) on a chart.

I found a way, by using the html tag.....but it has been deprecated since 2013 and not supported in HTML5. So Yes, i can do what i what i am trying to do.....but i would like to do it "properly".
I tried the CSS


, and tags with the style property but none work inline. Only the deprecated tag works.

So the question is: How do you customize the charts and stick to current standards ?

Thank you and sorry if i left some mistakes, getting really tired :).

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