Dashboard as website logout

I use dashboard as website using Apache and proxy, it is secured using username and password, and I can access it using login page, however I cannot do logout. Is there any way to do that, please?

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You seem to have left us with very little to go on. We can't guess what you are doing, you need to explain in more detail.

Dashboard is mainly about displaying information, hence the name. If you want to do custom processing, use a combination of http-in/out or something like uibuilder.

Hi Manal,

Can you please share how you got this to work with a website? I am struggling with the reverse proxy settings

(I'll bite)

This is speculative at best

I'm guessing you enter a user name and password to allow access to other parts.

The user name (and/or password) (or a token saying they are allowed access to the page) is stored in a context/flow or global variable.

To log out, just delete that variable. (Wipe it / set to it to null)

Or something like that.