Dashboard audio available as audio stream

Im completely new to all things raspberry, home automation, node red, all ideas I have for our house about to be build are completely based on theory.

I’d like to know if node red dashboard audio is available as a live stream I can connect a client to, like a Yamaha musiccast system?

Idea is to have node red say something, or play back a doorbell sound and have a musiccast device switching to node reds audio live stream to hear it.

I've written a node set for Musiccast: node-red-contrib-musiccast. What you're asking for is one of the main reasons I created it. Right now it's just providing the ability to control and pull status of Musiccast devices but I will be adding what I call a "List" node in the next couple of days.

Basically, it will allow you to play any Musiccast preset based on an incoming message or other trigger. For example, I have a small USB thumb drive plugged into my main receiver containing all the various sound effect files and then save them as presets which can then be played back nearly instantly.

Sounds interesting. Please keep us informed! Thanks for your work!

No problem. And actually, the functionality is already there in the current version, I just forgot that I added it. Use the "recallPreset" command on the Input node to play back any set USB/streaming/tuner presets. Give it a try! Personally, I save the presets using the Musiccast app and then recall them using Node-RED. At this point, it's the easiest method.

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