Dashboard button and passthrough

I send a message with a changed background color information to the button, and sadly it goes out on the other end. For my flow logic it would be nice if the feedback message dies right there in the button node. The button node should only send something out if there is a click on the button.

Currently I filter out those messages after the flow with a switch node, therefore this is not much of a problem.

But I thought I remember a passthrough configuration option from earlier times, but I'm unable to find it. Has this never been there or has this been disabled in a newer release? (I'm running v1.3.5)

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That's there version of node-red not dashboard.

The latest dashboard UI button has an option labelled "If msg arrives on input, emulate a button click" - make sure that is unchecked.

Thanks Steve

Found the information in the "Manage Palette" menu. I was slightly behind

Did the update and restarted node-red, just to get this out of the way.

I did some tests with a simple inject -> button -> debug node
The messages are not passed through. There must have been something else looping, since the button node is obviously not the problem and my fix is unneeded.

As quite often in my case, the problem is not in the software, but with the one sitting in front of the computer.

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