Dashboard button not refreshed

Based on some research here I built a flow to manage my icon of a button for my light.

My flow start with a node that listen to the current state of my light.
If state is OFF I send this icon :

node.send({ui_control:{"icon":"iconify-emojione-monotone:light-bulb 8em"}});

If state is ON I send this icon :

node.send({ui_control:{"icon":"iconify-emojione:light-bulb 8em"}});

And the end of my flow is a node to toggle the light.

My concern is that after a state changed of my light the icon is not updated. Well in fact, the icon is updated but the dashboard do not refresh. If I force a full refresh of the page in the browser I can then see the new icon.
Is there a way to get the button refreshed ?


It is actually known that iconify icons can't be changed on fly.
First reported for ui_switch node, where it was showing the icon only for one state.
But for any widget, the iconify icons can't be changed dynamically (via msg.ui_control ).
Takes some time to fix ..

Damn :expressionless:
thanks for your answer.
Using iconify is the only way I wanna go to build the dashboard I want for my main wallpanel tablet.

Looking at potential fix for this now... fingers crossed.

Cool, thanks your answer !

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