Dashboard Detailed Table


I want to know more about the ui table in NODE-Red App. I would like to know how is the best way to implement a detailed and modernd design Table from a message object in my NODE-Red App.

I have read that could be easy with jQuery & Angular & a jQuery addin. but I would like some information about this.

have you read the existing information: node-red-node-ui-table (node) - Node-RED?

What kind of information are you looking for and - more important - what have you tried?

Thanks this is a very good information. But I would like know if its possible to do some extended table , for example like this

did you look thru the Flows tab of this site for examples using tables?


Ui-table is based on the tabulator library and can be configured via ui_control messages:

I use it a lot, editable tables progress bars groups ....

More info here: http://tabulator.info/

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