Ui-table and nested tables


I'm looking for simple example or such for node-red-node-ui-table with nested tables.

The node description says that "ui-table is based on tabulator module" and there are many examples on the tabulator site. So I went there and I found what I looked for, the nested tables example.

I just now don't know how to do that in node red and with the module? Anyone willing to make an example flow that would achieve this..? I can make a simple table to show up, even the richer table, but I just don't know where to shove the javascript -stuff from the tabulator example source code :neutral_face:

For the record this kind of table is what I'm trying to achieve, being able to show just the list of the sensors or then under each sensor the actual 'exposed' variables, as zigbee2mqtt at least calls them.. https://jsfiddle.net/p069ca2d/

Anyone able to make nested tables with the ui-table node?

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