Ui-table node example


I saw this post
Examples for node-red-node-ui-table
but I would need something more basic to get started.
Would someone give me an example?
Thank you in advance.

1 - go to the flows tab in the menubar at the top of this page
2 - search for ui-table
3 - click on node-red-node-ui-table
4 - in the right column, in the Node Info box, click the View on GitHub link
5 - click the node-red-node-ui-table' 6 - click on the 'examples link
7 - try the examples

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There is a more convenient way to import examples from nodes. I took me a little bit to find it but click on:

Menu / Import and on the Examples tab you find all examples provided by the nodes.

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Thank you for your help both of you !

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