Dashboard: Disable but don't dim a button?

Is there a way to disable a Dashboard button without also dimming it?

I'm using a button as an indicator: setting its background to red or green and label to 'on' or 'off'



So modelling an indicator which lights up with different colours and text to indicate the state.

It's not controlling that on/off state - it's just indicating the current state.

But I don't want it clickable.

Disabling it makes it not clickable, but also "dims" the colour.


How do I make it not clickable, without also "dimming" the colour?

Or is there a better widget to use for this?

Would an LED not be a better option?

You can override dashboard CSS

Most of default dashboard items follow this rule when they are at disabled state.

.nr-dashboard-disabled {
    opacity: 0.4 !important;
    pointer-events: none !important;

Just change the opacity value to 1 to preserve full color.

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I prefer to have the text + colour effect.

That sounds interesting.

Is there a way to make this apply to just buttons? Or even just particular button instancess?

Where do I find the dashboard CSS?

Do search here in forum about dashboard CSS, to learn what it takes to override dashboard CSS.

You then can remove the dim element by element, using the node-id as CSS selector. I doubt you can do it for buttons all together cos the rule is applied one level higher.

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Oh I was wrong. All buttons is possible and it is also possible to do it for all buttons inside one specific group.

For all buttons:

.nr-dashboard-button {
    opacity: 1 !important;   


So your previous reply was for a specific button instance?

I think that's probably the one I want - but thanks for the extra update.



And it is pretty simple to find the id

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hmm... doesn't seem to be working:

I found the button's id:


put it in a Template Node:

Is it significant that the id seems to be in a different format (with a dot) from yours?

Got it: the id needs to be in quotes:


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