Dashboard Form node enhancements

here are a few suggestions for the dashboard Form node:

  • a second output that can be triggered by the reset button
  • ability to remove the reset button
  • ability to override the reset action
  • ability to position the buttons on top of the form
  • ability to adjust size and position of the buttons

Not sure about the second output - the current output can handle both.
I'm looking forwards to the PR :slight_smile:
(You can of course make up a form of individual elements and position them where you want - and recombine the outputs in the main flow using a join node etc... - but I guess that isn't the point)

I noticed that once you clicked submit the form will retain the values of the fields until node-red is restarted and I recall reading that a node will keep current state / values until a new message arrives. Are these two thing related ?

A node will not retain any values from one message to the next unless you save them in the node context.

have just added to master. If you set the Cancel button text to blank "" - it will hide the cancel/reset button.