Dashboard Form not sizing properly since update to 2.28

Hi everyone,
I updated my dashboard to 2.28 and have noticed that I can't control the size of the form widget.
It was working as expected before.
The example shows a button 2x11
The Form is 6x11
It seems that whatever I do makes no difference.

I have not seen any other issues.


Have you cleared the browser cache and refreshed the page?

Hi Colin,
yes Closed every thing pressed F5.
I can't change the length, changing the width works.


That is not the same as clearing the cache. Believe me, I spent two hours trying to get to the bottom of something once, reboots, refresh page etc, it wasn't until I went into the browser menus and cleared the cache that it went away. Though this problem does not sound like a cache problem, I agree.

Hi Colin, as I say I can change the width, other widgets behave as expected. Just can't change the length, seems fixed.


@FatPilot All correct, there is a bug. Investigation started.

@FatPilot Can you remember what was the previous version of dashboard before you updated to 2.28

@hotNipi I'm afraid I can't.
This is installed on Pi, would there be any log files for me to check?

No it is not that important. I was just curios because of I understood that you were able to set ui_form vertical size from configuration page to be as you like but not forced to be with size the form node needs due the count of internal input elements.
I can get that info from git history anyway.

Cos I can say it is that way many many versions already...
And I proposed to change that to be user choice but only if widget requires less space than the user wants to give.

Overall the fix is figured out already. (I can't answer the when it will be available questions.)

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@hotNipi, Thank you.

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