Dashboard - How to add OK or Cancel button

And how does that answer my questions?

in the picture there are message debug.
but my function is not good :frowning:

You don’t need a function node to do this.

Now what does the info tab of a ui_button say it returns?
What does yours return?

May I ask a question sort of related Q here? How do I control the text color and background color of the 2 buttons in my pop up (EG: OK or CANCEL) in the notification node. They always seem to be very odd and hard to read.

Is this on a dark theme ?

A custom colored theme but yes, dark for sure.

yeah - they seem to be picking up the angular colors by mistake...


Ok, one more Q. When I try to save my theme by clicking on "Save to library" under Custom Profile, nothing obvious (on screen) happens, but I'm assuming it saved the theme somewhere. (Shouldn't it allow me to select a location?). Where is the default location for theme file(s)?

Pushed a fix to dashboard master branch (not yet on npm) - can be trialled by manually installing cd ~/.node-red && npm i node-red/node-red-dashboard

Themes are held in your user directory ( usually ~/.node-red/lib/themes )

I did what you suggest, restarted NR but see no change. Also, you might wish to check the savings of themes. For me, the save worked once but when I created a second theme with a diff name the file is not being saved, at least not in the default directory (was trying to save "Vivid_B&W").

Once restarted you have to flush your browser cache.

AH, yes. That did work. Thank you.