Notification - Show dialog : Dynamic label for OK and Cancel buttons


I'd like to set dynamically the labels of the OK and the Cancel buttons of a dashboard "show dialog" node (i.e. a notification node with OK/Cancel layout). I need that as I'm doing a multilingual dashboard, and I need to translate at least the word "Cancel" :wink:

I've tried using {{msg.ok}} and {{msg.cancel}} in the according fields in the node configuration (see screen capture below), but they don't seem to be evaluated (I get "{{msg.ok}}" or "{{msg.cancel}}" in the output payload)...

Capture d’écran 2023-02-04 230338

I also didn't see in the node help any information about a msg property to be used for this.

Is there any way to do it?

Thanks folks !

No one seems to be able to answer... Should I understand this can't be done ?

Hi - currently that is correct... but not an unreasonable request... will make it happen.

Great, thanks a lot in advance!

Do you think it will take a long time to be implemented?

Already in master branch on GitHub. ( not yet npm)


Wow, that's fast! Thanks so much.

Now I'm gonna search how to update my release to get this on :wink:

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