Dashboard installation Error


I try to install node-red dashboard in a node-red environment. Node-red is functioning normal and the dashboard items are added.
During installation I get the installation log as below.

When I try to use a dasboard item, there is a small red triangle next to the blue dot of the node.

I'm a student and the dashbaord is operating with all my collegues on the same system. We have cleaned the installation completely including any data in hidden directories and reinstalled. This does not help.

C:\Users\kyra>npm install node-red-dashboard
npm WARN saveError ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\kyra\package.json'
npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\kyra\package.json'
npm WARN kyra No description
npm WARN kyra No repository field.
npm WARN kyra No README data
npm WARN kyra No license field.

+ node-red-dashboard@2.23.3
updated 1 package and audited 115 packages in 1.18s
found 0 vulnerabilities

you need to do the install in your Node-RED user directory - usually .node-red
Or use the Menu - Manage Palette - Install Node option within the editor.

Thanks for replying.

We did an uninstall of the dashboard on the prompt and verified if the nodes where removed from the interface. They did.

We installed in the .node-red path and started node-red again. The situation remains the same.

Next we uninstalled en verified again. Than we installed through the package manager and restarted the server. The problem remains.

Result installing from prompt:

C:\Users\kyra\.node-red>npm install node-red-dashboard
+ node-red-dashboard@2.23.3
added 80 packages from 60 contributors and audited 80 packages in 3.943s
found 0 vulnerabilities

Result from installing from package manager:

7 Sep 15:11:35 - [info] Starting flows
7 Sep 15:11:35 - [info] Started flows
7 Sep 15:11:35 - [info] Server now running at
7 Sep 15:13:08 - [info] Installing module: node-red-dashboard, version: 2.23.3
7 Sep 15:13:18 - [info] Installed module: node-red-dashboard
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info] Dashboard version 2.23.3 started at /ui
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info] Added node types:
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_base
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_button
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_dropdown
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_switch
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_slider
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_numeric
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_text_input
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_date_picker
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_colour_picker
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_form
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_text
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_gauge
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_chart
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_audio
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_toast
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_ui_control
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_template
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_link
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_tab
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_group
7 Sep 15:13:19 - [info]  - node-red-dashboard:ui_spacer

That has fixed the install problems. For the configuration issue in the editor the red triangle means you have not fully configured something. Open the node and look at the config see if anything obvious is missing. If not then post a screenshot here.

The error of the node is "invalid proprties: -group"

Zooming in on the part (a button) the property group has the vaue undefined.

This seems to be the issue for all parts from the dashboard items.

By the way, all my collegues could use the dashboard right away..

You have to select a group to display the button in, or click the pen to the right to edit or add a new group.

Thank you all, the problem has been solved :grinning:

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