Dashboard is not accessing from other laptop on same network

created dashboard with simple button which is accessing from my laptop but it is not accessing from other laptop or mobile on same network, can any one suggest how to access it from my mobile or other laptop on same network

You will need to supply a lot more information before anybody help here.

For example:

  • What OS are you running Node-RED on?
  • How exactly have you tried to access the Dashboard from another computer?
  • Is there a firewall running on your machine?

1-i am using windows10
2-try to access like localhost:1880/ui/, just like to access from the laptop on which node server is running
3-no firewall enable i have disable it

localhost is a special hostname that always points to the same machine that you enter it into.

So if you try to connect to localhost from another machine than the one running Node-RED it will try to connect to it's self and fail since it is not running an instance of Node-RED.

You will need to replace localhost with the IP address of the machine running Node-RED

i have see my laptop ip by ipconfig and type from my mobile browser like but it is not working to am i doing correct

problem is resolved my mobile was on other network, also can access my dashboard page with name instead of ip
also i need one help that i want to use from remote access for that i installed node-red-contrib-remote from manage pallate but in cmd when i start

the flow it shows remote access module not found can you suggest how to solve it

You have already asked that in another thread. Please continue that discussion there not here, otherwise there will be comments on both and it will just get confusing.