How to access same Node Red server and Node Red- Dashboard on Different devices

I have a query about Node red and its Dashboard. how can I access node red dashboard on different devices like Android mobile, laptop or Rasberry Pi 3, ESP8266?
If I create the Node red server on a laptop like a localhost:1883 I will connect it to Mosquito Broker (MQTT). now I want to access its dashboard on other devices.

thank you for ur help.


You need to find out the IP address of the Node-RED server on your network and use that instead of localhost.


But to connect your devices need to be connected to the same network

thank you for you reply.
same network you mean to same internet service right?
and if i access it on different devices is it possible to control data from another device?

So you can connect to them without allowing access to the internet for example on a home network.

If you wish to connect to your Node-RED over the internet you HAVE to make sure you are securing the machine and Node-RED correctly.
There are bots that run on the internet looking for unsecured Node-RED instances.
You need to research on this forum to find out how to secure Node-RED BEFORE you do anything.

I'm not repeating the many threads on the subject...

In addition, it is very likely that you will need to adjust the laptop's local firewall to allow incoming traffic on port 1883. This will (should!) be blocked by default.

okay. i will check that..
thank you.