Run node-red in web browser of other computer

two computers are connected in LAN network.
one computer has install NODE-RED and second has not.
is it possible to open node-red dashboard or flow page on second computer?(in web browser)

You could try…

i tried but its not worked.
pl guide if it is possible.

please Help with idea.
I am also getting same problem.
not understanding how to open or access same node red server dashboard on different device connected to same network.

MACHINE1: Run Node-red. Access it via http://localhost:1880
MACHINE2 Open browser. Enter http://IP_OF_MACHINE1:1880

where IP_OF_MACHINE1 == the IP address of where node-red is running.


As it WEB - the simple answer is "of course". You just need the URL.

However, if the machine where Node-RED runs is firewalled then you gotta open port 1880 on that machine

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thank you for quick reply.. i will try this and let you know.

thank you its seems easy as you say.
can you please explain how open port 1880 on rasberry Pi 3.

i tried but didn't work.
firewall is off in both MACHINE.

If you are running standard Raspbian and have not activated a firewall then it will already be open.

What are you entering in the browser?
What operating systems are the two machines running.

windows 7 OS in both machine.
i entered in machine2 : http://IP of machine (node-red running):1880

Is that exactly what you entered or did you put an actual ip address in? If so what is that address? What did you then see in the browser?

@Colin it is working now.
there was proxy settings in web browser.
after set at automatic node-red is working on another machine.
thank you very much for your help.

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@Colin Run node-red in web browser of other computer connected in LAN is successfully worked.
Now i have query as below pl guide for the same.

Two machines are not connected in LAN but both machine have internet connectivity.
one machine has node-red installed but second machine has not.
Is it possible to run node-red dash board in second machine via internet?

Doing this safely and securely is not trivial.

Please see

this Works perfectly just you have to have Same Internet service for all devices connected to it.

Thank you. I could access Node Red UI using my phone with port 1880 (Since I was on a LAN )

sudo ufw allow 1880

Run that command in your raspberry pi terminal in case your pi's firewall is enabled

hello, i am facing a problem i was trying to connect node red with firebase after that when i closed node red and want to open it again the site cant be reached so how i can solve this problem. thank you