TV browser and Node-red

Hi everybody,
My node-red is installed on raspberry pi and I wanna access the Node-red dashboard via my TV browser. The TV and Rasp Pi are both on the same network but I couldn't understand why I have no access to Node-red when I type the IP address and port number(1880).
Meanwhile, the Node-red is V3, Node.js 16.17.1, and the npm -v 8.15.0.

Now I wonder if the problem is with the TV configuration or if I have to act something with Sudo raspi-config.

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What do you see when you type the address and port number?

Is the TV connected to the Pi's hdmi port?

What if you type localhost:1880 or

What is your Pi's IP address? How do you know this?

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  • The page is not available (the Ip address is not matched with any document)
  • The Rasp Pi is not connected to the TV, both the TV and Rasp are on the same network
    -the IP address is not a local address that's a http://[IP ADDRESS]:1880
  • Hostname -I commad

-the IP address is not a local address that's a http://[IP ADDRESS]:1880

Not sure I understand that - the TV and Pi presumably both have private IP addresses such as 192.168.1.n.
I am not familiar with the internet capability of modern TVs so I don't know if you can identify the IP for the TV.
By the way, there's no need to obscure private IP addresses since they cannot be reached from outside your network. The external address of your internet gateway should be kept private though.

Node-red is actually running on the Pi?
systemctl status nodered

How is your internet connection set up? Is there a router?

-Absolutely I didn't mean to obscure the Ip address just I try to reply in a common IP address format for the node-red through a browser.
Actually, the Rasp Pi has a IP address, and the smart TV is set by Ip address.
-Yes, the node-red is installed in Raspberry pi.
-I have set the Static IP address for both TV and RaspPi received from a router.

This is probably a Javascipt or webkit limitation of the TV browser. Best speak to the manufacturer support.

Thanks, it's possible. I will see with them when I was sure that there is no more solution.

Do you have another computer on the network? If so then can you access the pi using from that computer?

Are both the pi and tv connected to the router by wifi?

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Thanks Colin for reply,
Yeah, i've already done it and I have access from the other PC to my Pi (since all are at the same IP range and same network). Just only is not reachable by the TV browser.
I've dobule checked the setting and proxy on the browser and the TV, but I did get any unnormal issues.
It's so funny for me since I can ping the TV ip address from everywhere but it can not see the Rasp Pi.
-Yes, both are connected at the same router for wifi connection.

Do you get the same error (or a different one) if you try to fetch a non-existent ip address from the tv?

Did you exactly enter in your TV browser search bar (including the http://) ?
And can you provide all details of what the TV is returning ?

I have the same error message, " Web page is not available".

I have try by http:// ip address:1880 and this is the result
"Web page is not available. the web page at http:// could not be loaded becasue net:: ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED"

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That means the TV browser (probably an android app) has been set to only use https:// connections - you will need to configure Node-RED to only serve https instead of http. - see Securing Node-RED : Node-RED

Or there may be (but I doubt it) a setting in the TV app to allow "unsecure browsing"

Even then there are no guarantees the level of javascript will let it work correctly... but will be closer.


Thanks for your reply,

I've changed the default Node-red setting from "http:// " to "https:// " based on what is described in Securing Node-RED and now I can access to Pi only by https:// IP address: port number via browser. (At least the previous error message has vanished).

However, the Pi is not reachable yet via the TV browser. I guess this is the compatibility problem between Android devices and the Javascript system.
I think this is the time to rise my hands up and connect my Pi directly to the TV by an HDMI cable.

Exactly what error are you now getting in the tv? The full message please.

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After the new configuration on the node-red (http --> https), I have no message error and the TV browser continuously is trying to connect to the RaspPi IP address.

Even if you leave it for a long time?

and you can reach it from a local PC using https: ??

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Yes, I can see it from the local PC just by https and no more by http.