Given URL adress is not working for loading Node red

When i am trying to use the URL adress given to me by Node red console on my RPi 3 Chromium can't reach a website. Before this problem it worked normally for some time, but now i can't reach Node red editor... Can somebody give me a hand please?

OK, lets be clear. When running Node-RED on a Pi, the log will give you a local address. You can only use that address in a browser if the browser is on the same device. If your browser is on a different device, you will need to change 127.0.0. to the LAN address, something like

Is your browser on the same device as Node-RED?

Perhaps you could also paste the early part of the Node-RED log so that we can see what it is saying?

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I am trying it on the same device and it is responsing like this:

And there is what console is giving me:

OK, so you have the opposite problem to the one I described :smiley:

Node-RED is reporting your LAN address but you are accessing it from the same device. That means that your browser is reaching out to your router and then being directed back into the Pi. The Pi, being sensible is telling you that you cannot come in thanks very much :frowning:

Try changing the address to http://localhost:1880 or alternatively, (which is one of the localhost addresses). That means that all of the network traffic between the browser and Node-RED remains inside the device.

By the way, please post logs to the forum as text within back-ticks. Screenshots are really hard to read and prevent people from copying text to replay when trying to help.

Okay, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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