Fail open node red in browser using ip address

my node red is fail to open using browser... it show cookies(0 in use)...i think this is the problem... any solution ? why it show 0 cookies in use? i using google chrome ...
but it avaliable open when i using browser in reapberry pi itself... (and it show 1 cookies in use)
what is the problem? how can i sovle this problem?

You realise that the address is different when accessed from another device, yes?

no...the address i using is same

Then that is your issue.

When you access from the same device, you are probably using the URL or http://localhost:1880. That will not work from another device because those are the local addresses. From another device, you have to use the external IP address of the device.

i am using the address that given when i start the node red in raspberry pi (is that external ip address?)....
but before this i also doing like this... it can access

You aren't listening I'm afraid.

To access from another device, you have to use the correct IP address.

The log tells you something like this:

[info] Server now running at

That is the LOCAL address. Try this from the command line and you will find the correct address:

ip address

ip address i take from here, right?

i not using local address....

can open in browser in pi...

cannot open using google chorme in my laptop...

access ip address from here


If you are using localhost or then you are using the local address. Have you tried what Julian suggested to get your external IP address and use that?


Are you trying to reach it over the internet ?

then how to get external IP address?

30 seconds with a search engine will help you...

hostname -I

yes, have try this way and i have get the external address, the address is same i using before (that i show in previous picture when open the node red) still cannot open.....

is that maybe due to delete the settings.js file? cause i have uncarefully delete it ....
got any way to recover it?

You’ve hidden the address is every screenshot so we can’t say for sure what is suggested. One of my pis shows the local network address there rather than localhost, for example. So it’s not always localhost or Does the address you see match what shows when you do ifconfig -a, for either eth0 or wlan0? And have you confirmed that the other computer or device that you use is connected to the same local network?

yes, it match of address i using for try ifconfig -a

it that the problem of cookies? it show "0 in use"... because i remember it should "1 in use" if working

thank you everyone, i have solve the problem
i just follow what in this video
hope can help u guys

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