This site can't be reached

I suddenly can't open Node-RED running on RPi3A+. I have Node-RED as a bookmark with the address After startup and a little wait, I get these messages when I use the bookmark: "This site can't be reached" " refused to connect".

When I try to open Node-RED from the programing menu, I get this error message: "failed to execute child process "xterm" (no such file or directory)".

I have rebooted several times. I don't know Linux well enough to go into the console to troubleshoot this.

Help, what has gone wrong?

This doesn't make much sense to me but out of desperation, I clicked the h274ify Options button on the browser. I didn't change anything, I just wondered what it was. Suddenly node-RED popped up in the browser.

Have you tried accessing NR from a different machine than the Pi3? You need to know the IP address of the Pi. Let say it is, in a browser enter and see if you get into the editor.

In fact I was controlling the headless RPi with Vnc when the problem started. At first I thought it had something to do with Vnc so I rebooted and started control from the RPi itself. I still could not reach

It did not occur to me to try the RPi IP address with :1880 appended to it with Vnc. If the problem recurs, I will try that.

It has been working fine for the last few hours. I probably did something stupid and didn't realize it.

Thanks for helping.

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