Different device and Wifi acess Node-Red


I would like to acess my Node-Red editor with NOT the same device and WIFI where the server is running.

How can i do it?

Thanks a lot!


I can only guess your intention behind that request, but the obvious response would be:

  • in order to access the Editor from another device, launch a browser and point it to your node-red server using port 1088, like this URL for a standard install and config): http://ip-of-your-server:1880/

  • in order to use not the same physical connection, like when your server is connected with WiFi, add a second interface, for example use a second WiFi or LAN connection.

But maybe you want to elaborate more about the reason behind your question and potential problems, that currently exist for you?
Maybe best would be to tell us about your current setup (as you mention WiFi on your Server, a RPi, I guess) and what you want to achieve in more detail.

Thanks the answer!

So I would like to do a Dashboard, and reach it from any device and any network, if I (the user) know right IP address. (security is not so important, it is just a demo project)

If I use my (where running the server) Wireless LAN IPv4 Address: 192...*:1880 address I can reach it only that case, if the current device is on the same Wifi, where the nodered server is running.

So my aim is to reach my dashboar from any network.

...any network..so that means from the public internet, then?
This is not a matter of node.-red, but networking in general.
Do you know how to create a VPN for your local setup, where your Server resides?
Eventually your ISP-router already offers such a feature...

It is important. If you open node red to the internet without security then it will very likely get hacked, possibly within a few hours, and you will find your machine operating as a bot for criminals, or even converted into a gateway into your network and hence to all the machines on it.

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