How do I access Node Red from mobile phone?

Hi! I want to access Node Red's dashboard from my phone. Note that I am using different WiFi. It is quite easy to access the dashboard using the same WiFi.

How should I connect my mobile phone/ computer on other WiFi to Node Red in another WiFi.
Is it advisable to make a webpage and make HTTP request? I am interested to know what is the conventional of connecting them.

Thank you.

We would need more information. Is the other WiFi locally connected to the one that Node-RED is on? Or do you mean accessing the Dashboard over the Internet?

Lots has been written in the forum about securing things for use over the Internet and there are lots of complexities to take into account in order to do it right. Just like connecting anything to the Internet.

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Hi. The Node Red is on a local WiFi provided by the computer in the company.
The NodeMCU/Arduino may or may not be connected to the same WiFi.

I am interested to know if I can access the dashboard or activate an event using my mobile phone in my house (may be overseas)?
Should I make a website to make HTTP request (assuming that there is a website made based on wix) to the Node Red?
Is there a better way to do it?

There are a great many similar questions on the forum already. Some searching will turn up several answers. Most require you to expose Node-RED or at least the Dashboard to the Internet which brings its own risks. Other advise the use of VPN's which again have their own risks. For myself, I use Telegram to send and receive short messages and commands to and from my phone which might be another option.

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