Can I check node-red with a differents internet connections?

Hello Guys!

I am really new in this, I made a Dashboard and works fine using the same internet connection (Raspberry and computer conected to the same wifi), but when I tried to open this dashboard with my smathphone (using data mobile) I can not see nothing and it displays "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT", the idea with this project is checks some data using differents devices and connections.

I write the same direcction http://LocalHost:1880

The question is: It is possible? If the answer is yes, can you share me the information, please.

Thanks guys!

Do you know what localhost means? It means the PC / phone / tablet / laptop you are currently looking at.

Localhost on a PC is the PC.

Localhost on a phone is the phone.

You need to replace the localhost part in the URL with IP address of the PC running node-red in order to access node-red or its dashboard on your phone.

And that's just for LAN (i.e. inside your home network)

If you want to access it outside on mobile data (i.e. WAN) you have a lot of things to do.

It has been covered many many times in this forum.

I suggest you get it first working in your LAN, then, do a search on this forum for accessing node-red/dashboard over the internet & then pop back with specific questions when you get stuck.

I don't mean to be unhelpful but it is a pretty large topic and has been covered many times already.

Ok thanks Steve I will check the forum with the information that you gave me, thanks

PS, i should also add.

YES is the answer, you can access node-red and dashboard from the internet.

But as i said before, first understand the localhost problem (learn to walk first) because exposing node-red to the internet is quite the task - as you will find out when you search the forum.

Pop back if / when you get stuck.

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