Node-red from internet

Dear Expert
I'm a newbie.
I'm building-up the node-red Dashboard Application.
In my Application, Node-Red is install on my Laptop. My laptop is connected to internet via the Wifi Router.
I need to view Dashboard Application over internet. I dont know that I need Static IP public or Dynamic IP Public for my Wifi Router.

Based on your post, my best advice would be don't do this, it is fraught with problems ! :wink:

I would start by reading this -


I use Tailscale. Is a VPN service.

In that case, please follow the instructions on their website for configuring access to a device.

And remember that you will be making your home device only as secure as the least secure remote connection (as that is what VPN's do).

Install PiVPN on a Raspberry Pi Zero and connect it to your router, then you can have your own personal VPN server. If your laptop running Node Red is connected locally to your wifi or over the internet through your VPN then the dashboard can be accessed over wifi via the VPN.
more info at

If you use a VPN please note @TotallyInformation's warnings.

Have done :slight_smile:

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