Node red dashboard accessing from internet

I want ask how to access node red dashboard from the internet.
On the router I can set port forwatding, but actual ip adress od the dashboard is
problem is, that I'm not able add /ui. And if I will forward only port 1880 then editor will open and this I don't want to access directly from the internet.


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Use remoteit to generate secured external link effectivelly!
less secure and fast method is to use ngrok NOT RECOMANDED

Sorry, it is what I don't want, because if I will forward my lokal ip:1880 to public ip:1880 then also editor will be accessible and this I don't want.

special software for this ? It's crazy

Have you searched the Forum? There is also something in the Cookbook and an FAQ here on the Forum.

You need a reverse proxy to do what you are asking for.

No it isn't. Node-RED is a "microservice". It includes a limited web server that exposes a single port. You might have many instances of Node-RED plus other node.js, Python, Rust, Go, ... web servers all running either on the same device or across your internal network.

Proxying them to the outside world is a specialist task that requires a specialist service.

There are also security considerations to be taken into account when you expose a web service to the 7 billion human beings and untold automated bots in the world. Again, this is best dealt with using specialist tools.

So no, not crazy at all.

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Have a look at Zerotier, very easy to setup a secure access to your local network.

We built a node for this?

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