Remote Access Dashboard Node-red

Hi all, I'm Duc. I am working with Dashboard node-red and has successfully communicated with S7 (siemens) on my PC . I have a question: "how to remote access dashboard node-red from my phone?"

Hope everyone will support!

Tran Hoai Duc from Vietnam

Welcome to the forum @hoaiducvn

This is a subject that has been discussed many times here. The main issue is that if you just open your node-red to the internet then it will very soon get hacked and you will find your machine compromised. Search here for 'securing node-red' and similar terms and you will find many hits. Basically it is not something to be undertaken lightly, it is necessary to understand the implications.

You can also use a VPN app on your phone to connect securely to your home network -- so nothing specific to node-red, but it can allow your phone to access your node-red server from the internet.

Yes, there are many approaches, each of which have different advantages and disadvantages - all have been well documented in previous threads. Those threads point out to some key articles on blogs and the Node-RED documentation as well.

Some of us avoid the problem by interfacing through the Telegram messaging service - Node-RED has some excellent nodes for quickly building bots for Telegram.

I have a bot command that will also turn on an NGROK session that temporarily creates a secure tunnel that I can use if I need to access Node-RED in an emergency.

I prefer that to having a permanently running VPN session as it limits any exposure. Indeed, in some countries running a VPN to your home might attract unwelcome attention or even be illegal.