Remote Red dashboard

i ve installed the remote node red and after following all the steps it displays configuration incompleted i have to remind you i want to display my dashboard on a https website. thank you for your help

Do you realize that you you haven't given enough information for anyone to help you?

i ve installed the remote node red
what do you mean by that?

following all the steps
what steps are you talking about? Point to where this is documented.

i want to display my dashboard on a https website
if you mean you want to remotely access the Node-RED dashboard are you aware of the security issues involved?

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What do you mean by the security issues involved.
i am trying to display the ui dashboard on my website https

Remote-red is a commercial product. You should contact them for help.


You don't just stick a service like node-red on the internet without understanding something about security. However, if you are using a commercial service, I would hope that you've checked out their security as they should be responsible for keeping your information and processing safe.


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