Accessing the NR webpage dashboard from Wifi connected mobile

Was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is possible.

I am thinking about using a mobile phone or tablet to act as user interface to Node-Red instead of a touchscreen.

I do not want to connect the raspberry Pi to the local network, I want it to act completely independent and have no internet access. So I want to run the raspberry Pi as its own web server WiFi access point, then allow a client user to connect to the Pi via WiFi then access the Node-Red dashboard by typing in the correct ip/URL address over a webpage.

I know this is possible to achieve using Python, but is is possible to do this an easier way via Node-Red?


There isn't any need to do anything in node-red. If you configure the Pi as a hotspot and connect to it from your phone then you should be able to access the dashboard from the phone exactly as you describe.