Dashboard is running slow on Tablet


I am using Node-Red on R Pi. When i access dashboard from my desktop it works perfectly fine. But when I try to use it from my tablet is damn slow or I can say no response to the buttons etc.

I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab A(2018, 10.5)
Model number SM-T590
Android version 10


Are you using charts? I so then what time range do the charts cover and how often are you adding points to them, and what is the total number of lines across all charts?

No i am not using any charts.
Here's my flow.

flows.json (245.0 KB)

ui_level nodes with animation option soft.
soft means that animation takes about 1 second to complete.
Seems to me (I cant run the flow) that the level nodes are updated simultaneously.
And the rate of the data input is 0.8 sec.
So there is zero or less time for dashboard to take a rest. (no time for smooth clean up procedures ...)

It is informed on ui_level info page also

Performance alert

This widget is not perfect choice to display high-frequent data changes like audio or similar. If you are using a lot of Level widgets on your dashboard and you are feeling performance loss, consider turning off animations of value text (if used) or turn off all animations.


Please see this post for how to post flows, but don't post massive flows, if you have a problem just post the nodes that are causing the problem. How to share code or flow json

So not using any charts, are you updating nodes on the dashboard rapidly?

If you run the dashboard on a more modern mobile device is it ok?

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