Dashboard + login

Hello, I have the following flow to control a login. I am based on the following node-red-contrib-users tool. But I need to connect this type of login system with node-red-dasboard, how can I do this?

Probably a question to ask the author of the contrib node you are using on the nodes github page...

@gkwsystem questions like this get asked quite often.

The fact is there is no easy way to build multi-user authentication into the dashboard.

I'm sure if/when someone figures out the sort of integration you are trying to do, they will share it here or on the flow library and it will be widely linked to and celebrated. But, to my knowledge, that hasn't happened yet.

I believe it to be indifferent. I can change my question. If I have a GET / POST request, how do I redirect to a node-red-dashboard.

To redirect in response to a login, you should set msg.statusCode to 303 and set msg.headers to { "Location": "url of your dashboard"} before passing the message to the HTTP Response node.

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