Dashboard template node - https


I have a dashboard template node where I have:

<img src = https://username:password@url_here.com:port/bla>

On the device hosting the website, I can access this link if I paste it directly into my PCs chrome browser. A bunch of images show up. Before I enabled https, I was using http://username:password@url_here.com:port/bla and it worked fine. The images would display in the dashboard.

Since I enabled https, the dashboard just displays blank boxes (i.e. images are not populating).

Is there a way to get this working using https?

Try using the network tab of your dev tools to see what is failing to load

Thanks for the reply - I can see the URL with status (blocked:origin) in dev tools, what would I be looking for here to understand the issue?

I think this is a CORS issue. Not knowing the details, hard to know how to fix. You may need to research CORS.

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