Dashboard: Terminal Window which shows i.e. the output of an logfile

My flow looks like this:
Button: Show Log
Exec: /user/bin/sudo tail -f /home/xxxx.log

Returns a pid: 22392

I would like to have a window on the dashboard showing continuously the "output" of the logfile.

Additional ask:
My additional flow looks like this:
Button: Open Alsamixer
Exec: /user/bin/sudo alsamixer

Should open a terminal window inside the dashboard with the alsamixer and it would be great to allow changes...as on the cmd line console.

Is it possible to embed a browser window with the url: https://XXXXXXXXX.com ? in the Dashboard?

Many thanks for your hints!


For your 1st question, you can use a dashboard template node, and feed it with msg.payloads. However:

  • You will need to replace newlines with HTML
  • The node always shows only the last received payload. To show history you will need to buffer multiple messages back

As for the 2nd question, you can use an iFrame node (part of the dashboard) and send it the target URL. The node includes some how-to examples.

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