Dashboard text scroll box with large history. How to?

It seems like a few years since this has been asked so I thought I'd see if there was a more modern implementation of a text scroll box with a large history for the dashboard.

The oft pointed to example seems to only add from the top not to the bottom and doesn't scroll, just removes the last item if there's more than ten.

What I need to to add to the bottom of the display and have a vertical scroll back that lets me go back at least 2000 lines.

Open to suggestions.

I do something similar for searching for alarm events just using a UI-list node, you would need to send the last 2000 records each time it updates though, maybe not super efficient but just tested with 2500 records and it works fine on my PC browser.

Last post here may be useful ? https://discourse.nodered.org/t/help-with-displaying-text-log/37333/5

Thank you, I will investigate the post you provided.

You can certainly do this with raw HTML via the DOM, not sure about Angular as I don't use it but I would guess you can. These days though, manipulating the DOM is fairly easy. Indeed, my new uibuilder front-end client library has it built right in so that you can send some JSON from node-red and have the client build the HTML for you. :wink:

I had a similar question here if it helps you -

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