Scrollable text box


Is there any component available, that would be suitable to display a kind of message logger on the dashboard?
For instance I would like to have a kind a scrollable text box as a viewer for all mqtt data that is being received (I use a mqtt subscriber node), with several columns (for instance timestamp, payload and eventually some other information). The scrollable text box should also be able to select a line of text by clicking on it, and eventually pop-up some additional info when clicked.



No there is not such kind of component. The behavior you described can still can be achieved with ui_template node feed with well prepared messages.
There is thread about this kind of solution you might find useful as starting point

I have similar behavior implemented for my home automation dashboard, rotating statuses of wifi enabled devices

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Thanks for the link, I will take a look. Could you eventually post your flow (or at least a part of it)?
Does your implementation also the handle the click event by returning as context the information from the clicked line ?
I would also need a logic that allows me to show in the scrolling text view only the last (lets say) 500 received messages.