Data from dropdownlist to set value in SNMP-set

In Node-red I would like to use e.g. the values from a dropdown list to send to an SNMP-set command. As I understand the snmp-set node uses msg.varbinds to get its data. But how do I refer to the value coming from the dropdown list in the msg.varbinds input, as it looks JSON to me

This is what I have in the Varbinds window. I thought I just had to refer to the msg.payload coming from the dropdown element, but that seems to be too easy.

[ {
            "oid" : "",
            "type" : "OctetString",
            "value" : msg.payload

This is by the way the output from my dropdown list in the debug window.

9/23/2019, 8:13:04 PMnode: b4c9ef70.0f38d
msg : Object
object payload: "14300000000"
socketid: "Xc-CPsZX-CouQVRAAAAA"
_msgid: "b77a7c3f.8645c"

Problem solved:

After the dropdownlist node I needed a function with this:

var inputValue = msg.payload;
msg.varbinds = [
        "host": "",
        "version": "1",
        "oid":   "",
        "type":  "OctetString",
         "value": ""+msg.payload+""
return msg;

After the function node comes the SNMP Set node where I had to leave the varbinds box empty.

Thanks for posting this, it helped me understand and get this right. I still have an issue, using this code with a Syntax Error, Unexpected end of JSON input. Any ideas?