DATA storage (temperature automation)

hello all !

my project consists on temperature automation, the air condionner will work if the temperature is more than 27, so i want to store the operating time of the air condionner and show it in the dashboard, any ideas?

You should go read the section Working with context in the documentation for one opssible solution

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sounds like the ideal excuse to learn about databases.
Then when you decide you also want to see a graph this years usage you will already have the data:-)

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can you please tell me how to use a button to switch between groups?

You need to provide more context to that question.
What groups and where?
What have you tried which bit can’t you get to work?

the groups of the dashboard, can i use a button that allow me to go to the group i want ?

So this has nothing to do with the topic of this post?

no no it doesnt