Database Store and Forward options

also - feel free to edit the topic title to include the word scada to help narrow down the topic for general readers.

Forgive me for trying to expand my comfort zone. I know almost nothing about SCADA, but a few years work on at-sea communications/command-and-control systems for the US Navy exposed me to a number of store-and-forward architectures. I would never have recommended Node-RED for any of the delay-tolerant or failure-tolerant components of those systems, but perhaps I'm too conservative.

@drmibell Perhaps yes. Oh, and again. Please stay on topic.

OK you have made your point. Given that you have now narrowed down the topic sufficiently I think we can take it that unless Google can find any more, that there is no off the shelf solution (if the ignition one I found isn't suitable) known by the regulars on here, so you made need to start implementing by hand. It would be an interesting use case to handle. Some have achieved similar using MQTT rather than a database before now - but again usually for reliable message delivery an ESB style solution is often preferred.