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Hi there,

I start to move some of my flows to DB2 , to see how it works and if I can deal with some of the missing features compared to DB1 .

I have a question concerning dropdown, is there any way to reset the Dropdown display once a selection has been done ?
From the documentation I expected a empty array as msg.payload to reset the dropdown , but it does not work.... even when a new msg.options is being sent to the dropdown , the previous item is still being displayed, even if not available in the new options list anymore.....



This is an already reported issue: ui-dropdown doesn't clear selection with msg.payload = [] · Issue #756 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

Ha ok , thank you. will wait.

It seems also the red warning initally displayed when no content is provided, remains visible even after an array has been pushed to the node...
Is it supposed to be part of the same "bug", or should I maybe open a new issue ?

For me the triangle disappears as soon as I configure the Group. Can you describe exactly what you are doing to get it to not disappear? Are you using the latest version (1.7.1)

Actually I was speaking about a red display in the dashboard page itself, telling there is no useful data in the dropdown list, while actually there was...

But I'm not able to get that warning again, so let's forget it for now, I'll come back if that appears again.

Thanks !

Ok, I have it :

But when I click in a dropdown which I expect to have values :

Can you post an example flow and describe how to see the problem?

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