Debug in Node-RED Blockly node


I'm new here and would like to know how to debug in blockly

There are possibilities like debugging in Eclipse or Visual Studio?

If you mean within one of the node-red-contrib nodes
I would suggest that you edit your posts title to include the name of the node you are using.

Hi Rico (@Poul89),

For some reason I have not seen your question.
Are you referring to node-red-contrib-blockly perhaps?

If so, the answer is 'no'. The node-red-contrib-blockly node generates Javascript code, which will be evaluated by NodeJs (similar to the Function node) in a sandbox as 1 large piece of text. So there is no way to debug it as separate statements...

Other applications build on top of the Blockly framework however can be debugged, since their generated code will run in a sandboxed JavaScript interpreter. But that is not the way Node-RED is designed at the moment ...


Yes i meant debugging node-red in general

Thanks for the answer

The Javascript code inside function nodes cannot be debugged, but if you create your own custom node then you can debug it (like you can debug all other Node-RED nodes). I have explained here how you can debug Node-RED using a Chrome debugger, in case you ever need it...