How to add custom Blockly to Node Red

Hello everyone,
I am a student working on a project with Node-RED and Blockly. I have already customized Blockly with extra Blocks and Categories that I need. Also I have changed the Layout and Design of it.

My goal is to connect this custom Blockly to Node-RED. ( I know there is a Blockly Node-RED out there which I tried out but I would like to add my own instead).

Does anyone have any tips on how to do that?
Thanks in advance

Hi @rth,
If I may curious, what is the reason that you don't want to extend the existing blockly node, and start a new one? Because if you have "general" functionality that may help the users of the existing blockly node, then it would be a pity not to see a pull request arriving...

Hey Bart, I got the impression from the op that he was running blocky external and wanted a way of communicating between blocky and node-red (I might be wrong).

Hey @Steve-Mcl ,
From this I had concluded that it was about node-red-contrib-blockly. But indeed I might have misinterpreted the question...

Hello @BartButenaers ,
We are working on a little project and we have some blocks which are very specific to our needs. Also we changed a lot in the design of Blockly and that's why I would like to add my Blockly to Node-RED as it is better for my needs. I know one can create functions in node-red-contrib-blockly, but I was wandering if I can just add my whole custom Blockly in node-red. If someone has any ideas it would be nice :smiley:

Just out of curiosity, can you post a link to your Blocky version so we can see how much different it is?

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In the end every Blockly can be translated into JavaScript and Javascript can be executed by the function node of Node-Red. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If it was that simple, we wouldn't need @BartButenaers :slight_smile:

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