Converting Blockly to Node Red


I´m was using the folowing Blockly script with great success for the last year in my home automation system "iobroker".
Then I switch to a new automation system "Home Assistant" and unfortunately Blockly is not available there.

The whole idea can be found here : Warmwasser und Photovoltaik mit Blockly

I started using Node Red but found a lot of “proper” nodes missing :frowning_face:

I do believe the whole structure must be changed…

Any ideas how to approch this task?

Regards Dom

there is a blockly contrib (add-in) node that you can install in the palette manager.

what "proper" nodes are missing?

Redo it in standard nodes (not a lot of folk use blockly (excpet perhaps @cymplecy))

Can you switch your Blocky script to English and post it again please and I'll see if it's easy to convert to the NodeRED version

Hi cymplecy,

the server is not operational and thus I can´t change anything there.
But I made translations in the picture and will explain whats going on.

In loop
SET value of heater equal to value of switch (ON/OFF).
If status of Solar Power changed by anything DO
IF Time (7-17) and Batterycharge (>50%) are within the limits DO
If Solar Power > 2000Watt DO turn heater ON
ELSIFSolarPower <1000 DO Turn heater OFF
ELSIF(17-7) and Battercharge (<50%) DO turn heater OFF
IF value of heater unequal value of switch DO SET value of switch to value of heater.

I think ioBroker way of doing things and NodeRED way are very different and you will have to start again from the beginning :frowning:

I think you would be better off asking questions on a Home Assistant forum in order to get started

Sorry :frowning: