Define for node-red-contrib-email-out

I am trying to create a cc in NodeRed to send mail.

My attempt: = msg.MailDaten.An; = ",";
msg.topic = msg.MailDaten.Betreff;
msg.attachments = msg.payload;
msg.text = msg.MailDaten.InhaltText;
msg.html = msg.MailDaten.InhaltHTML;
return msg;

does not work.
I receive the mail but no cc is sent.

How must the be defined so that the MailSend-Node accepts it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

that looks ok to me - it should be a comma separated string of valid email addresses.
(as usual works fine for me...)

Hi dceejay
Thank's for your answer.
Can you show me how you define with an example of 2 fiction eMail adresses.
The way i do does not work and i use valid email addresses.

Feed the message you are sending to the email node into a debug node set to output Complete Message and see what it shows.

Hi Colin.
I did this und the message shows:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-26 um 02.44.01
But the sendmail-node did not use it and only takes the defined No cc was sent.

Thank's for your help.
I solved the problem.
I write the to: Mailadresse direct in the Send Email Node.
Then it does not accept cc and bcc.
If you use and leave the node empty it works fine.

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Ah right, yes that could be improved.

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