Delay and intermediate messages



This will be a simple one for most of you i think...

I have a temperature payload that i send through a switch node to detect when it goes higher than a certain value.
When it does go higher i want to trigger an output, but it should be triggered for more than x mins time.
Same applies for when i gets disabled, it should be off for min x time.

I now have a delay node behind each output of the switch node, but i think intermediate messages will just get delayed also?
My goal is to prevent too many on/of cycles of the output because of rapid changes on the input, how can i achive this in node-red?

Thank you all in advance!



It can be done a number of ways using the built in nodes, but my "aha moment" for working with that kind of logic came while working with the mytimeout node.



you are using the right word... look at the trigger node