Delay node losing messages

I am using the Cron Node Plus node to do multi day delays on my workflows. I am finding that the multi day delays disappear before they fire. Does anyone know any reason why multi day delays would disappear from the dynamic schedule before they get executed?

  1. What is the exact name of the node? Going to the Flow tab here on the forum, comes up with 10 nodes when you enter 'cron'
  2. Can you setup a small flow replicating the issue?
  3. what version of Node-RED and node.js are you running? (you can get this from the startup log)
  4. are you using docker or Home Assistant?

What's a multi day delay??
More details please...

If you are not persisting the dynamic schedules, a restart of node-red OR a deploy of the cron node will result in it being re-initialised (i.e. will lose non-persistent schedules).

If that does not explain it - you will need to provide more details and potentially a minimal demo flow that demonstrates your issue.

Typically in the environment when an event fires off we have a three day delay before the next node after the cronplus node should get fired. I started a test event yesterday and as of this morning the first delay is holding but this is in my test environment and this one seems to have never had an issue.

I believe we resolved the original issue which was not have the persistence set up correctly in our startup file. Which is why we were losing the persistence when our kubernetes nodes would refresh. I guess I need to look at the persistence again in our production environment. If that isn't it I will provide a snip it of how I set the persistence and build the cronplus node

So, is the problem that Cron+ isn't running the flow, or is it that the delay node is dropping the message so it does not trigger after 3 days?

If it's the 'delay' node that's dropping the msg, are you sure that node-RED has run continuously throughout the 3 days? maybe node-RED or the OS has hit a problem at some stage and rebooted/restarted?
If so, the delay period in a delay node will be deleted, as it's it's not stored in the filesystem.

My instance of node red is hosted in Kubernetes and Kubernetes will occasionally restart or move nodes. So I guess in a way Node-Red is restarting when that happens. We set up a file in our persistence cluster where we store all of the workflows which seemed to have fixed the problem but that hasn't been the case. So If I am understanding this correctly if Node-Red or the OS restarts I could lose all of my delays as if it's not stored in the file system?

Yes, correct.

I appreciate the information. I will look and see if that is the case.

As this appears to be more to do with the delay node than the Cron+ node, do you have any objections if I change the topic title to "Delay node losing messages" ?

EDIT - @jdonkinMotiv - Topic title changed from 'Cron Node Plus Dynamic Schedule Disappears' to 'Delay node losing messages'

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