Delay node set to rate limit omits messages unexpectedly in case of bursts

Sorry? :slight_smile:

@dceejay, well, as a smallest common denominator, we could agree that in all cases a rate limit is being obeyed :slight_smile:

On a different but related note, is there a good tutorial or starting point that helps me diving into automated testing of node modules? Is automated testing a thing for node-red nodes?

Could set something up in node-red, but maybe there is a better way? Directly on gitHub maybe?

we certainly can ! - I have no problem with your node existing and it being enhanced with extra modes - i was just pointing out that the existing node can do something similar that may be adequate for a set of use cases.

hmm tutorial re testing... err not really... we do use grunt, mocha, and the node red test helper for testing (most of) the core and extra nodes - eg node-red/89-delay_spec.js at master · node-red/node-red · GitHub for the core delay node... or node-red-nodes/17-smooth_spec.js at master · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub for the smooth node

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There isn't much about queueing theory (where this discussion may be going) that is intuitive or straightforward. I'm happy to continue the conversation by DM.