Démo via short Video allowed or not

in the "share your projects" category,
is it allowed to show a short video (1-2 min) of what was accomplished with NR?
It's not commercial software, just the result of my work that I'm giving to the winds.
(I don't want to pollute this forum unnecessarily.)

Edit: I forgot to mention that Home Assistant is tightly woven into the solution.

Hi @Jean-Luc,

I’m not a mod on the forums - so I stand to be corrected, but embedded YouTube videos for example, covering the subject matter of your post is absolutely fine, I can’t see it being a problem, as long as it’s not breaching any license with the content owner.

It’s been done to show case work many times

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As Marcus says - no problem :slight_smile:


How does one do an embedded YouTube video in markdown?

No idea - I just post links to youtube if I want to show a video

I'm pretty sure discourse parses the YouTube share links - almost like a one-box

like this recent post

It seems you are correct. The markdown in that post is just


okay thanks for your feedback. The video is not done yet. I'll get to it quickly and come back to post it.

Start a new thread when you do :slight_smile:

yes of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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